Creature Chapter: Ice

Daichi peered through the thin leaves of the snow covered bush. He shifted positions and a branch cracked underfoot. To his right, Bifrons only rolled his eyes. “What is that thing?” Daichi kept his voice low. “What?” Bifrons asked. “I can't hear you. I doubt that thing even has ears. Speak up.” Daichi vigorously shook … Continue reading Creature Chapter: Ice


People are missing the point

Most of the people in opposition of the kneelers aren't grasping the intended message of the protest. I see tweets calling the athletes 'ungrateful millionaires.' The athletes aren't protesting for themselves. They are protesting for those who don't have the voice or the national stage to bring attention to the issues. People say they are … Continue reading People are missing the point

Book Reviews: What’s your philosophy?

Publishing books on Amazon has gotten me thinking (along with doing some ARCing around for others). It's crazy how a book dipping below 4.0 on Amazon on Goodreads feels like a death sentence. Although, that may be a bit of an exaggeration I'm sure it doesn't help. Going off personal experience—in which I think I'm … Continue reading Book Reviews: What’s your philosophy?

15 Minutes of Random Writing (Triction, Part 1)

Ken sat there on the living room floor, likely thinking the same thing as his three friends. It proved true when Brandon glanced at each of the three others—Ken, Neo and Brandon’s girlfriend Flora—and smiled wide. “So, when is this supposed to kick in?” Brandon asked. “How am I supposed to know?” Ken said, his … Continue reading 15 Minutes of Random Writing (Triction, Part 1)