Jaymes walked out of her parents’ home unable to keep the frustration off of her face. She had just come from celebrating a distant relatives birthday but the event ended much like the others – early. Unsure of her destination due to the suddenly open block in her schedule, she absent-mindedly began walking down the street. She passed the pastry shop and a large hut, soon to be home to the newly approved council. Despite the disappointment of her evening so far, she couldn’t help but smile at the council building, knowing she would be getting a lot of her business from the men and women who would begin working there.

Jaymes was a medium maid; the medium referencing the size of her nightform, hers being a canine. Maids, day or night, provided sexual services and occasional companionship to paying individuals. There were two types of maids in Ikalga, ones that worked during the day, and the others, like Jaymes, who worked at night, almost exclusively in their changed animal form. With no uniform currency established in Ikalga yet, she instead accepted goods and favors. The type of clientele she served were some of the most powerful individuals throughout the capital city; she had a good gig. Still, it wasn’t without its struggles. She often encountered men who were unable to contain themselves when they discovered she was a sex worker, or even the occasional group of men who would debate loudly as she passed as to whether it was rape or shoplifting if they took advantage of her. Not to mention, it brought stigma to her family. But, Jaymes persevered.

Tonight she continued down the street, past the future council building, deciding she would just begin work early tonight. Due to Jaymes’ hybrid genes she was able to change into her dog form at will, rather than having to wait for sunset and remain stuck until the morning. This was particularly useful because she could start the interaction with a client in human form to negotiate, and then change once the terms were agreed upon. Jaymes had a few friends who were “pure blooded” and therefore had to communicate through notes or strictly negotiate during the day beforehand. A few minutes later, Jaymes had reached her new office; she moved locations frequently to keep the police off her trail. Selling herself wasn’t illegal, but being out at night was. Hopefully the new king would amend that.

Once inside her office, she took off her coat and changed into something more comfortable to wait in before her first customer arrived in a few hours. For now, she would continue to work on negotiating the deal with the rebellion. The rebellion had hired her to get in the good graces of certain higher-ups, squeezing what information she could through seduction. Jaymes was succeeding too, she had a few secrets the rebellion would love to learn, she just had to negotiate her fee.

Shortly after completing some of the paperwork for her rebellion side-job, there was a hesitant knock at the backdoor. She rolled her eyes, going to open the door. These men acted so powerful during the day, but during the night they were beyond passive and completely under her control. Jaymes didn’t mind manipulating these scumbags. She usually got a nice tunic or access to an exclusive spa in return – it was just a bonus she’d be able to take them down eventually.

The particular individual scheduled for her first appointment was apart of the 30 advisors who would be deciding who to appoint for council, and which of the recent law proposals to implement. She had already influenced him to vote in the way she wanted, so tonight she could just relax and almost enjoy herself.

“Hi, he-hello, Miss Jaymes,” the man stuttered as he sat down.

Internal eye roll. “Goodnight handsome, what can I do for you?” she purred.

“Well, what about the thing you did two times ago? I know you said it was a one time thing but I’ll pay extra!”

“How much extra?” She didn’t particularly mind the act but she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get an extra favor out of it.

“Well, have you ever been inside of the new council building? Oh! I could have you meet King Acetate? I would give you the specified Lilypad amount but… I’m out. I can get it to you next time! You know I’m good for it.”

This time Jaymes allowed herself an external eye roll. 99 out of a hundred clients thought they could delay in paying her, as if she could offer credit.

The man continued, “We’ve been messing around for some time now, yah? Don’t I get some sort of discount?” He began to wring his hands out, “…or maybe even a freebie?”

“You know the rules by now, and that is exactly why if you pay by favor, it will be before you receive my service. I’m the best in the city and you know it. If you want to pay late, find another maid.” Jaymes spoke as she crossed the room to sit at her desk.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Just the usual then,” he conceded and pulled out a bag of bright, flat discs. “These are the Shanlings they are planning on producing. They should be in circulation by next summer.”

Jaymes took the bag and pulled one out. It was tiny, slightly bigger than a fingernail. She sat at her desk and examined it. She had already verified validity of these future coins. She had clients who had previously paid with Shanlings, she was procuring quite the collection.

“Okay lean back… big boy,” she said, just like he liked it. The sunlight no longer came through the window and they both changed into their nightforms.

Her next client arrived about an hour after the previous one left. She took the time between them to relax. It was nice to be able to change back to two legs on demand, one advantage of being a hybrid – despite the prejudice against them. Once the next individual arrived, a higher up in the rebellion, she was back in business mode. The negotiations went smoothly, rebellion clientele were usually respectful and complied with her guidelines. Being the second customer of the night, it was around midnight when he arrived – Jaymes was thankful he was already in animal form. This guy tended to be the type who wanted to “save” her, offering to provide for her so she didn’t have to “demean herself with this work” – his words exactly. She provided her usual excellent service for her client, making a mental note to move headquarters and drop the two clients from tonight. Jaymes knew her self-worth and despite what these men thought, it was them who the problem lay with, not with her or her profession.

The next morning Jaymes put on her finest dress, grabbed her favorite purse and set off to find a new place. She had counted her funds the prior night, determining she could afford to be more picky from now on – only taking the clients who would respect her.



10 thoughts on “Exquisite

    1. Right now I’m putting out separate stories every other day or so (I always tell myself “not today” but then I get an idea and next thing I know I’m writing). They are all based in the same world though and you will see interaction between the side story characters and the main story!

      There will chapters that I’ll put up starting on Wed, Feb 1st. I’m just making sure I have enough to keep a regular schedule.

      So to answer your question a bit of both 🙂

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      1. No sequence yet! The short stories are all fairly independent.

        My plan is to take this world (which is in a fairly infantile stage) and take it years and years in the future, so eventually the short stories will go from year 151 (current story time period) to 200+. But I’ll mark all that clearly when I get there.

        I’m glad it looks like something you’d love! If there is any type of character, profession or walk of life you’d like me to write a short about… do let me know!

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      2. Will do for sure..all my writings are somewhat similar to yours but the chapters are of my life story written as a series soaked in a lot of sadness and darkness! I haven’t read any of your writings yet it’s passed midnight and I’m falling asleep! Will check them out tomorrow evening so I can concentrate and appreciate them in peace!

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