1.1 – Six Years a Slave

Make sure you are all caught up before tomorrow’s 1.2 post!

The Eternity Acts

I was taken from my home roughly six years ago and put to work. Officially, I am F62 of the Trading Union Trash Unit. The “trading” this Union participates in is human trafficking; I am a slave. My birth name was Jochro, although no one within hundreds of miles knows me by that. I work 10 hour days, and they certainly would be longer if the Union controllers didn’t have to worry about us changing at sunset.

Work today had led my unit to the outskirts of Ikalga and, due to the upcoming coronation of the new king, we had been granted permission to return home early. Usually, I would never complain about stopping prematurely, but I was in no rush to be anywhere near the King – old or new. King Rayon had finally settled on a successor. On the way home, I had overheard someone from the sanitation…

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