1.2 – Acetate

Make sure you’re all caught up before tomorrow’s 1.3 post. 🙂

The Eternity Acts

1.1 – Six Years a Slave

I woke up some time later with my hands tied, body propped against a stone wall. I had two guards on either side of me and no way of knowing whether they were the same controllers who had put me down before. I looked down the hallway that I was sitting in; it was a slender passage. Torches lined the walls every few feet. Despite the flames, I couldn’t see where it lead, but, I did notice one door a few feet to my right. I could hear the murmurs of conversation from the room but I couldn’t make out exactly what was being said. I would have assumed they’d take me to a dungeon, or at the very least the pen. But instead, I was put in this strange hallway. I decided I could try to focus in on the conversation, maybe this…

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