1.4 – Anroma

Make sure you’re caught up before tomorrow because 1.5 is the best chapter yet. 🙂

The Eternity Acts

Previous Chapter: 1.3 – Tremble

The note read:

“Please gather the girl and be prepared to hurry back. The council is created, but not in our favor. They will be making a play and it’s likely violence will follow. Upon receipt of this message, I will probably already have left to meet you. Secure her and avoid unnecessary confrontation. I am riding day and night. Be careful.

PS: Watch for the police. The darker the skin, the longer they’ve been out and away from any sort of King’s rule. I’ve heard reports of some losing their link to humanity, forgetting that they are supposed to be doing the King’s justice.


With the note reinvigorating our sense of purpose, we strode into the village that morning, heading straight to the chief, Vaynen.

“I hate to inform you, but she’s not here – she never was,” Vaynen said.

That meant…

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