1.6 – Aftermath

1.7 tomorrow 🙂

The Eternity Acts

Previous Chapter: 1.5 – They

When Anroma finished healing Ace, he finally was able to sit up. I limped over wanting to discuss our next course of action.

“This scepter sure takes it out of a man,” Acetate sighed, giving his head a quick shake. “Who is hurt the worst?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, wondering how the scepter had sapped his strength.

“I’ll check down near the front lines,” Ace straightened himself and hurried towards the now-broken barriers.

Anroma spoke for the first time since the healing, “We can check on those around here.”

The three of us coordinated using An’s mind as a hub for communications. The two boys who had been on the front line, Rosen and Druen, were in bad shape. Their condition was grievous enough that An didn’t feel comfortable waiting to heal them. We ran down to them on the battlefield and I watched as…

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