Wyrillian II

Part 3 coming soon?

The Eternity Acts

If you haven’t read Devastation (Wyrillian I), click here to catch up.

A tear escaped his eyelid, landing on his desk. Wyrillian wiped it away with the back of his sleeve and tried to focus back on the teacher. A myriad of thoughts were running through his head – was his father responsible? Was this evidence that Wyrillian Sr. was up to more nefarious business on his departures? His thoughts were interrupted when one of the school’s administrators walked into the classroom, pulling the teacher into the hallway.

Wyrillian hoped that he was being picked up from school early but he knew it wasn’t – his parents never allowed him to miss school. Whoever was getting picked up was lucky – they’d get to go home and didn’t have to worry if their father was a kidnapper and/or murderer. However, something was wrong – usually, this exchange between teacher and…

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