1.21 – An’s Epilogue

She laid on the familiar red couch, having just woken up from a prolonged nap. Ace had dropped a blanket on her and took the stem of grapes from her extended hand. As gentle as he had attempted to be, his touch woke her. Or his thoughts. An could never tell which roused her mind from slumbers.

Ace’s mind was full of scattered thoughts. He was thinking in several directions at once. An winced, still under the pretense of sleep. “He told me to save her. He even told me where she would be,” she heard Ace think. “Am I supposed to tell someone what I know? What if I perished? I don’t want the information to die with me.”

The King leaned against the window, his elbows supporting his weight. He hooked his hands behind his head and pressed his forehead to the window. An saw the tension in his jaw through nearly closed eyes.

“When the time comes, you will know. And then you and my daughter will seek the means to cure Elodine.” Ace shook his head and actually spoke aloud. “Why didn’t you come back? Where did you go?” For the first time, An saw images of her father, a tall man with dark skin and a head devoid of hair. He was solid too, with thick arms that flexed when he reached for Ace’s shoulder. She saw her father tell Ace to find her and promise to expand later. But there was no later as Ace’s words indicated. The vision shifted to Ace as he waited late into the night for Rayon’s return. It never came.

An rolled and began to stir as if she was finally waking from her nap. Ace turned and greeted her with a warm smile. “I was just thinking about you, little one.”


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