Review: The Emperor’s Soul

The Emperor's SoulThe Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I came into this book looking for a good fantasy Sanderson read after trying and stopping about halfway through Legion. This book did not let me down. It was a quick read but that was only because I was eager to come back to it.

The story follows a young lady, Shai, a Forger. Forgers are looked down upon but she is called upon when the empire needs her. The empire has no other choice. I’ll leave you to get the description from the blurb because I have enough trouble with writing my own! But essentially, the plot is a great one. It takes place in one room for about ninety percent of the book, but it is a room that you don’t get tired of. I’d say that because Shai is a wonderful character. The plot moves along through her hundred days in captivity and you come to learn her and another individual fairly well. The story is a solid B+, it was interesting but nothing world-breaking.

The magic was something quite unique, I’ve never read anything similar to it. Magical stamps? Okay! Count me in. But it was refreshing to learn about this magic system and watch as Shai worked to solve her issue. It should take years but she only has months. I enjoyed reading about her conflicting thoughts and emotions as she weighs finishing the task versus escaping.

Characters, as mentioned above, were great. Shai was a great character and although there were only a few others, one other, Gaotona, is worth mentioning. A nice old man, for sure. The dynamic between him and Shai is one to watch.

The setting is good, although I suppose there isn’t much room for world building when you’re confined to your room. But you do learn a decent amount about the society through thoughts and conversation.

Overall, this is a quite solid book. I was not let down. Not one of my favorites but as a quick few day read, you can’t go wrong with this book.

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