Review: The Bride

The Bride (The Bride #1)The Bride by S. Doyle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was a rollercoaster rating-wise. First, it was a solid four until I hit the halfway mark. It wasn’t my favorite book, but it was a unique one and I decided to bump it up to five for being quite unique. It held my attention and was going to get a low five stars for the intrigue it created. I found myself reading chapter after chapter to find out what happened next. As a result, I was going to give it a five. However, as I read on, it didn’t live up to expectations as it ended pretty abruptly, with not much that I was looking forward to actually happening. This book was one of my first experiences with the dreaded cliffhanger. I just looked back to its Goodreads and Amazon page but don’t see any sort of warning for it.

Overall, it’s worth the read if you know you’re only getting part one rather than book one. Definitely, check it out if you have Kindle Unlimited and can zoom right through. The characters are relatively interesting, spending time in the heroine’s head is a cool experience. So I would recommend it under certain circumstances. It’s a shame that it ended so abruptly, it was in line for a pretty good review from me. It still ended up with four stars but it could have been even better with the focus not being on the length or cliffhanger ending but the merits of the book.

There are a few typos but nothing egregious.

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