2.9: Christian

Christian watched his army charge past the half-built stone wall and into the fire of hundreds of arrows; lives needlessly lost. He was most bothered by the boy that couldn’t have been older than 18 standing on top the wall, a determined expression fixed on his face. Christian pondered how long he could wait before calling a realistic looking retreat.

The First Controller sighed and slumped his shoulders, taking off toward Ikalga to join his troops. He knocked arrow after arrow out of the air with his sword as his soldiers went down one by one around him. Christian finally reached the wall and called forward the individuals who would be scaling the wall. The ones that had made it through the torrent of arrows changed into their forms and climbed. One, an elephant, remained by his side, waiting for Christian’s approval to begin smashing the gate.

Gorillas, the perfect combination of mobility and strength for breaching a wall, covered the wooden exterior of the city; some reached the top, others falling after being riddled with arrows. The ones that were successful in their climb roared and tossed Ikalgan archers into the crowd of Lurians below, waiting to be granted access to the city. Christian watched as two gorillas approached the boy he had been watching. Christian blinked when he saw an arrow apparate out of thin air, ending up in one of the animals’ eyes. The next got close to the archer boy but missed with his first swing. The boy summoned another arrow and stuck it in the gorilla’s backside.

Forgotten about, the elephant nudged Christian with his trunk. Snapping out of his confusion, he gave the tusked giant the go-ahead. He couldn’t help but turn his attention back to the boy, who was now alone on the wall, aiming a glimmering arrow now at him. Christian fell backward off his horse as the arrow impacted the saddle where he just sat. The horse reared up, stumbling over the carcasses of fallen soldiers. Christian jumped back to his feet in time to block another glimmering arrow from the boy.

A crash shook the battlefield as the gate cracked under the pressure of the battering elephant. One final charge and they would be in. Christian began toward the entrance, encouraging his men and women to follow, now out of sight of the underestimated archers of Ikalga. The elephant gathered momentum and broke through the gate only to find itself skewered onto large brown spikes. It changed back into human form, promptly dying.

Christian raised his sword and yelled for a push to destroy the barricading spikes. His soldiers went at them, using whatever they could to weaken them. The army made slow progress, being picked off by the archers that had come down to the courtyard on the other side. Christian contemplated retreating but decided against it. A retreat now would end in a slaughter. He’d have to wait until they’ve pushed enough archers from the wall to make a run back to the safety of the stone wall.

Finally, after losing dozens of soldiers to attrition, the first spike was broken. One Lurian soldier charged in only to find himself flying several feet backward. He had been uppercut by a small girl with a long-handled hammer. The girl smirked before dodging out of view once again.

Christian’s eyes were wide as the rain fell onto the dead man’s body. He was hit so hard, his jaw looked to be on his forehead now. How had such a small human caused such damage? Christian pulled back his hair, deciding he would have to clear the way himself.


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