2.11: Anroma

Anroma stood under the northern entrance, the gates in front of her drawn open. No need to impede their progress and draw this out. She took one shoe off, and then the next before sitting and waiting for the attackers to approach.

Judging from what she heard, the storm had started several minutes beforehand, along with the other battles at the opposite entrances. For some reason, her Lurian opponents stood opposite her, unmoving. Were they confused with no archers on the walls? The doors wide open? Anroma smirked, knowing that the approaching soldiers would be wishing for archers instead once they reached her.

Finally, they began a hesitant march. The front lines changed into their battle forms. There were gorillas, a rhino, an elephant, and a few others she didn’t recognize. Once they got within normal arrow range, she stood up and flexed her toes in the dirt. Anroma could feel the power of the earth begging her to draw from it. Thirty years of pulling from a myriad of sources made her sensitive to energy wherever it was held. She then flexed her fingers, testing the new ring that now adorned her ring hand. The gem lay on her palm, which she held out, willing a tiny puff of flame to appear. It worked. This would be quick, she thought. She almost felt bad for these men and women. The ones who survived would have to tell the story of how they nearly died at the hands of a thirty-five-year-old woman.

The army marched faster when they viewed Anroma as the only obstacle to their entry to Ikalga, finally throwing hesitancy to the wind. She saw their boots kick up mud as they trekked onward. Every now and then, a soldier would lose their traction trying to keep pace, slipping in the muck.

When the army was within ranged attack distance, they let loose a few arrows. Anroma ignored their shots as they weren’t particularly accurate due to the sideways rain and the irregularities from running. She dug her feet further into the soil, drawing on the energy from the ground and took a few steps forward. The charging enemies readied their paws, claws, and weapons, unsure of what to expect.

As they closed the distance to the gate, Anroma dashed slightly forward and slid to her knees, rotating around. She flung out her arms and opened her palms, letting loose an enormous water whip that knocked most of the front line off their feet. Once she brought her spin to a complete rotation, Anroma jumped. In a flash, she was upon the soldiers that had avoided the whip. She punched one in the face before spinning to kick the next. The punched soldier stumbled back as she gave him two more quick jabs to his stomach. To her left, the man she had kicked had fallen to the ground. Greedy for energy, she reached down and placed her hand on his forehead, drawing his energy. She only stopped when she felt the crack of his skull, the sound of his bones collapsing filling the air. She released the energy she had just gathered with her other hand, materializing it into a thick, black dust. The dust billowed upon release before undulating through the air in the direction of several soldiers who were attempting to surround her. The dust easily cut through the rain, collecting on the soldiers and burning their skin. Those affected fell, holding their sizzling wounds and screaming in agony. She stopped releasing the dust to conjure another whip. She maneuvered and secured the whip to the ceiling of the entryway, yanking herself into the air above the remaining rushing soldiers before releasing her hold.  Anroma blew out a stream of air underneath her, softening her landing back onto the ground.

One unfortunate soldier stood next to where she landed. She jumped onto his back during her descent, placing both hands on the side of his face, withdrawing his energy. He crumpled to the ground as she kicked off of his back, turning her attention to two more men who were approaching from both sides. She punched the man to her left while opening her palm to send a forceful gust of air into the chest of the other. He went crashing backward into his comrades. She growled as she felt the adrenaline flowing through her body, amplifying the desire to end these individuals. The man she had punched lifted his sword to swing at her, but Anroma focused energy in the palm of her hand, creating a barrier, allowing her to grab the sword mid-swing. With another smirk, she blasted the man back from the sword, flipped it around so that she now was holding its hilt. A glow of light formed around the blade as another Lurian charged. Her glowing sword met his in a flurry of swipes. She retreated slightly back before giving a kick to the side of his knee, causing him to buckle. She took off his head as he fell. Glancing around, Anroma saw that she had taken out most of her attackers.  She shrugged, a nonchalant bloodlust now surging through her. She’d have time to be embarrassed by her growls and bravado later, but for now, she concentrated, placing her feet deep into the ground, sending a shockwave to collapse the earth under a group of oncoming soldiers. They fell into their waists. Anroma decapitated them soon after, having conjured another water whip.

A male and female soldier managed to reach her despite the chaos, attempting to overwhelm Anroma with an exchange of strikes and parries. Spotting an opening, Anroma placed her palm on the chest of one of the individuals.

“Shoulda worn covelt, buddy,” she snarled as she drew his life in a matter of moments. She blocked a strike from the woman, sweeping her legs from under her. Anroma thrust her sword down, easily plunging it into the woman’s chest. Heaving, Anroma turned to face her remaining opponents, a crazed hunger for their demise set into her eyes.

Inundated with fear, her opponents began to retreat. Anroma smiled, purely relieved. Her chest rattled as she sucked in air, her knees feeling weak. She sat out of necessity to preserve what energy she had left, sending out a message to probe for any scouts that could carry her mind message of the battle’s results. Anroma was pleased to find her husband’s mind. Being with him for so long had allowed her to latch onto his frequency quickly, even if he was across the city.

“I’ve cleared the northern gate. What is the status of-”

Anroma’s message cut off, her body weak from the fight. She collapsed, joining the corpses that littered the ground.


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