Book Review: 1000 Yards

1000 Yards (John Milton #0.5)1000 Yards by Mark Dawson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me begin this review saying that I never read thrillers but this one was good. It kept my attention and I consider that a great success considering how far it is from my usual fantasy genre.

I only read this one out of curiosity after following Mark Dawson’s author advice for a bit but never reading his books. I picked this one up as he gives it away free for joining his mailing list. Unless I have a terrible taste in thrillers (I hope that’s the right genre) then I’d recommend this one for both fans of the genres or newbies. It is only a novella prequel as I understand it so I imagine the actual series is probably even better.

John Milton is a pretty good main character. He’s not the most interesting character but I think he was perfect for the type of book. The book detailed a job that he had to undertake in North Korea (you couldn’t pay me enough to do such a job). It moved along at a great pace and kept me interested for more. I won’t speak on the realism because I have no idea how likely such activities are to succeed in North Korea but there was nothing awfully unrealistic.

There was conflict in the book, but not too much. Maybe just enough to keep people wanting more. I was slightly surprised that the book ended when it did, though.

Keeping in mind this is a free prequel, it’s a great book and likely will have me trying the actual series.

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