2.13: Christian

Christian knocked the bow from the archer’s hand, watching it twirl off the edge of the wall, shattering as it hit the ground.

“Sit,” the First Controller commanded. The archer and his comrades obeyed.

Christian pivoted, taking the steps down the wall two at a time, ready to call the retreat. Once at the bottom, he glanced around and to his surprise, saw his troops being slaughtered by essentially two people. He didn’t hesitate to sprint over to meet the dual wielding man.

“It’d be in your best interest to back off,” Christian calmly stated, pointing his sword at the individual. His female companion stalked toward the First Controller, her grace almost certainly indicated a feline night form.

“Then retreat,” the dual wielder said.

Christian casually assessed the situation. A retreat is what he wanted, but it would have to look convincing. He ran through the possibilities in his head. Without him there, this man and woman would cut down his soldiers in a matter of minutes. With him there, he could at the very least tie up the pair. If he didn’t call for a retreat, the Ikalgans would continue to battle his Lurian troops for hours on end.

The First Controller took his hand off the hilt of his sword, whistling for a retreat. His soldiers turned to him, most with befuddled looks on their face. Christian waved his hand, “Go!”

His army began retreating, disengaging from combat, backing out of the entrance they came through.

He turned back to the man and woman. Quietly he said, “Let’s spar while my group takes their leave.” I have to at least give some sort of appearance of urgency, he thought as he dropped into a ready position. The muscled woman didn’t need further encouragement. She came at him with a fury that he couldn’t discern if it was real or not. Christian parried and defended himself, only occasionally taking the offensive swipe at the female. He made sure he was backing up toward the exit, throwing glances over his shoulder to ensure the obedience of his troops.

The dual wielder sent quick feints in between slashes from his partner. Christian could tell the man was holding back but he doubted anyone without an eye for combat could tell. He grinned.

“I’m only pretty sure I could take the both of you. I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t certain.” He dodged a slash of a knife and threw his sword into the air to block a strike from the woman.

The two didn’t respond as they appeased Christian’s wishes and pushed him toward the wall entrance. The man with the knives kept a look on his face that indicated focus, but Christian read it as impatience. Where did the Ikalgans get so many talented warriors from? The siblings, this pair…

Christian blocked two last strikes, nodding to the pair before taking off with his army through the gate. Once through, he glanced to the top of the wall, noting only one archer they would have to contend with. He also spied the curious pair, sprinting along the outside of the wooden wall, away from both armies.


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