A Me Update

Where to start… where to start…

All the last few chapters have been posted here: http://royalroadl.com/my/fiction/10371

I am currently in the middle of an editing marathon (somehow I managed so that three books got to the editing stage at the same time 😩). Update: Just sent one off to a proofreader. Delegation!

First, I’m finishing up 25 To Wife. That’ll be out the in about two weeks.

The Last Whisperer has been tweaked a million times now, but I’m close to finishing. Almost have a release date!

Then I have a prequel novella I wrote for The Eternity Acts, that is another solid 15K words of editing woo.

Finally, I’m working on writing my first urban fantasy romance. This is actually not so bad. I’m 44K into that.

Finally, finally, I’ve been tentatively plotting my favorite idea so far. It’s going to be big!


PS. Anyone have any books related to mythology of any culture?


6 thoughts on “A Me Update

    1. When it’s all listed like that it does sound like a lot 🙂

      I am going to self-publish all of it. Nowadays self-publishing is fairly simple. There’s no contract (unless you want to do Kindle Unlimited exclusivity) and you can just pop it up on Amazon. I haven’t done any other sites beyond Amazon yet, they’re a huge market by themselves.

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