Thunder (15 Minutes of Random Writing)

My name is Thunder (I don’t remember my real name, though) and I’m 16 years old (I think). Currently, I’m in bed suffering from hypothermia, my shotgun on the floor to my right. That’s all I’m able to determine about my settings currently, and that’s an improvement. The past few days have been awful, but it can’t get much worse than before I stumbled upon this colony.

The hypothermia must be affecting my memory because I can’t remember the names of my captors before I came to this colony. All I can remember is running away, through the sweltering hundred-plus degree weather, the sand and gravel scratching my feet, and the boomalopes. Damn, the boomalopes. Eden told me a story about how she tried to save a dying boomalope but was too late. True to its name (she said it didn’t occur to her until too late), it exploded, catching her and the crops on fire. A little bedrest and tending from Samantha and she was fine, but watch out for the boomalopes, people. Thank goodness for Samantha though. Tatyana was telling me how Samantha hates doing dumb labor which was a point of contention between the group, but lately Samantha has been doing research and made a sniper rifle, so she doesn’t sit around and do nothing anymore. Things were actually looking up. Until the cold snap hit. It’s been two days and I do not know when it’ll heat back up or how the colony will come out the end of this–if we do survive.

As I alluded to, the colony was working like a well-oiled machine. Eden was training our cows, arctic wolf, and other animals, while I would go out and hunt for food, cooking it when I got home. Samantha researched for hours upon hours, while Jupiter cleaned and did other miscellaneous tasks. That left Tatyana to do the mining and hauling. It was the peak efficiency of our colony. And then the cold snap hit. Imagine going from hundred degrees to below freezing in a day. Someone, I don’t remember now, made new clothes, but unfortunately, we weren’t expecting winter temperatures for months. No one was prepared. Least of all, our prisoner Daichi. We had him shacked up in our makeshift prison outside, but he refused to join us after he served his time, so we kept him locked up. He could have come out…he could have been one of us. Instead, he chose to remain in there despite Eden pleading for him to join, even when she was bleeding and wounded. Eden was dedicated to getting him to join. We even protected him from his brother who came and raided our camp. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been raided. But nevertheless, Daichi survived, we protected him despite his unwillingness to join. We really could have used the extra hands.

Daichi was the first to succumb to the cold. We couldn’t afford to create a heater or anything more than a bed for him. He died of hypothermia about a day or so; I imagine I will be joining him shortly with how my fingers and toes feel (or don’t feel). With me unable to hunt and the cold snap killing the rice and corn plants, we had nothing to eat. So Eden fed me and at least one other bits of Daichi. Fortunately, she didn’t tell me until after, but I still have the taste of human flesh floating over my tongue. If only I couldn’t feel my taste buds like I can’t with half of my frozen body.


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