Age of Transparency

This 15 minutes of random writing, inspired by a song.

I walked out of the cave. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I had woken up just a few minutes before. No, not in a frozen-cryostasis-whatever tube. I wasn’t frozen, but everything else was. The inside of the cave had icicles legitimately taller than me. I wore a parka, a worn brown leather if you were wondering. Nothing else on my person.

As I breached the entrance of the cave, the view took away the little breath that the cold hadn’t already stolen. Countless peaks surrounded the mountainside I stood on. Although none were as tall as this one, it was a view that made me nauseous and giddy at the same time. The giddiness quickly faded as I remembered…well nothing. Who was I? Where was I? And why on God’s green (white?) earth was I on the top of some Mount Everest lookalike?

I sat down with crossed legs, propping my head up with my hands. One ice-capped mountain rumbled. I felt it before I heard it, the snow at the top rolled down the side. It looked like a lazy frosty syrup running down, but I figured if I was there I wouldn’t think it was so slow.

Idly I checked through my pockets again, searching for a note or something. Anything that could give me a clue as to what I was doing here. Even better would be a mission. Go here, do this. Instead, I had no note and the threat of an avalanche hanging over my head. I could always go back into my cave. Was it my cave? How did home ownership work here?

Then again, I don’t think being buried in a cave would be beneficial for my not-yet-received mission. I would never be able to dig out of it. I brought my hands up in front of my face and stared at the oversized mittens. I resembled a fat child. I wish I had at least been left with gloves.

No matter. It was time to do…something. I stood up and took a deep breath, pushing through the restriction my coat placed on my inhalation. I gazed over the glittering of the mountains from near to very far in the distance. There was nothing else. I wished I had sunglasses to go along with gloves.

I took a step and stopped. I felt a memory prodding at my skull, just begging to come back. I stood frozen, praying the memory wouldn’t leave me. I felt like I was grasping at a spider web, coming up with nothing substantial. A laugh? And sunglasses?

I took another step, and another, hoping it would come back to me later. If not, I could stand there forever hoping it came back. That would only lead to me becoming actually frozen.

Another flash spread through my brain. This time I grabbed it. However, it was a disappointing memory. And a shit clue. I remember laughing at someone for wearing sunglasses in the winter. “The snow is bright,” my friend said. It looked like he was right, I thought as I continued my trek down the mountain. I shielded my eyes from the sun now assaulting my eyes from above and reflecting off the snow below. I looked back to my cave and wanted to cry when I noticed I had only gone a dozen paces. This would be a long trip.


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