15 Minutes of Random Writing (Triction, Part 1)

Ken sat there on the living room floor, likely thinking the same thing as his three friends. It proved true when Brandon glanced at each of the three others—Ken, Neo and Brandon’s girlfriend Flora—and smiled wide.

“So, when is this supposed to kick in?” Brandon asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” Ken said, his head swiveling throughout the room, looking for any changes.

Neo only shrugged.

“Is anyone else hungry?” Ken had stopped looking around, temporarily giving up his visual pursuit of floating unicorns.

“I could eat,” Brandon answered. “Taco Bell?”

The other two agreed. Brandon walked into the hallway after Flora and Neo and Ken went into their hallway on the other end of the apartment.

Ken gathered his wallet and put on his shoes. He kept his eyes peeled, still eager for any changes. All he felt was a tingling in his gut, the excitement of a new experience.

Minutes later, the four of them found their way to Taco Bell. It was only a two-minute walk, but Ken made the most of it. The giddiness inside of him caused him to skip forward every now and then before turning back to the group and urging them forward. Now out of the apartment building, the four followed the sidewalk to Taco Bell. Once inside, they ordered. This was a common occurrence, tacos were a popular treat among the four roommates, one of which had passed on the current experience.

Ken’s giddiness spread to the group like wildfire. Drowning in childish giggles, they almost missed their orders being called out. Receiving their food, they ate (Ken with his lettuce-free crunchwrap). Once finished—and still jittery beyond belief—the four full stomachs left Taco Bell to find a sudden downpour. Ken help his hand out and could barely see beyond his arm’s length.

Good thing we’re so close, Ken thought. He led the group in a run back to the apartment. Ken and Neo leading the way, with Brandon and Flora bringing up the rear. Thinking back on this moment, Ken would always thank his lucky stars they made it through the rain before the little tablet kicked in. With his experience throughout the night, he figured he would have gotten lost in the nor’easter without sobriety to guide him. Okay, maybe the storm wasn’t quite that bad. But the sentiment stood, he had trouble enough confined to the apartment living room.

Triction, Part 2


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