A Me Update

Where to start... where to start... All the last few chapters have been posted here: http://royalroadl.com/my/fiction/10371 I am currently in the middle of an editing marathon (somehow I managed so that three books got to the editing stage at the same time 😩). Update: Just sent one off to a proofreader. Delegation! First, I'm finishing up … Continue reading A Me Update


2.17: Christian

Even before crossing the border into camp, Christian could tell something was amiss. The First Controller marched through the camp perimeter, ignoring the mud he kicked up, frustrated by the loss of his horse earlier. Mercy and empathy were much more exhausting than he had thought. Christian made a bee-line for Sarkard’s tent, arriving to … Continue reading 2.17: Christian

2.15: Chandler

Through the rain and increasing darkness of cloud cover, Chandler watched the beast. It was pursuing the soldiers that were retreating. None were attacking the beast outright anymore as Ace must have gotten the retreat order through. Glancing to the left, Chandler saw the portion of the army that had slipped under the wall. They … Continue reading 2.15: Chandler

2.14: Cydel

Cydel and Francesca sprinted from around the last corner near the north gate, spotting their father holding up their mother in the distance. He had propped her up against the wall, eagerly awaiting his children's arrival, especially due to Cydel’s healing ability. The siblings skidded to a stop in front of their mother, Anroma. The … Continue reading 2.14: Cydel

2.13: Christian

Christian knocked the bow from the archer's hand, watching it twirl off the edge of the wall, shattering as it hit the ground. “Sit,” the First Controller commanded. The archer and his comrades obeyed. Christian pivoted, taking the steps down the wall two at a time, ready to call the retreat. Once at the bottom, … Continue reading 2.13: Christian