2.13: Christian

Christian knocked the bow from the archer's hand, watching it twirl off the edge of the wall, shattering as it hit the ground. “Sit,” the First Controller commanded. The archer and his comrades obeyed. Christian pivoted, taking the steps down the wall two at a time, ready to call the retreat. Once at the bottom, … Continue reading 2.13: Christian

2.12: Drill

The battle had been less exciting than Drill had anticipated. With the spikes blocking his path, the commander had only recently managed to push his way through. The child was a great archer despite his apparent fatigue. He had been using his bow as a support to stand in between shots, his eyes hung heavy … Continue reading 2.12: Drill

2.11: Anroma

Anroma stood under the northern entrance, the gates in front of her drawn open. No need to impede their progress and draw this out. She took one shoe off, and then the next before sitting and waiting for the attackers to approach. Judging from what she heard, the storm had started several minutes beforehand, along … Continue reading 2.11: Anroma

2.10: Cydel

Cydel had turned his attention to slinging his new arrows at the back of the army now that their commander had made it under the safety of the stone wall. After dispatching two more soldiers, Cydel felt chills run down his spine. His arms suddenly felt like iron and he momentarily lost his footing. He … Continue reading 2.10: Cydel

2.9: Christian

Christian watched his army charge past the half-built stone wall and into the fire of hundreds of arrows; lives needlessly lost. He was most bothered by the boy that couldn't have been older than 18 standing on top the wall, a determined expression fixed on his face. Christian pondered how long he could wait before … Continue reading 2.9: Christian

2.7: Drill

“This is what happens when you don't listen to me,” Drill said, absentmindedly watching the flame wall flicker over the sea. Sitting atop the Ikalgan castle provided a great view. “I didn't know the storm would move in so fast,” Max retorted. “Plus, even though she won't say it, you know how Panther likes her … Continue reading 2.7: Drill