Mr. Dump II

Daily Prompt: Luck Previous Installment: Mr. Dump I “Of course, I made it.” Enfoe cleared his throat, “I’d never miss a... date with you, Karana.” He still had trouble calling it a date despite her insistence last time. Enfoe knew she was too good for him, but for some reason she continued to go out with him. … Continue reading Mr. Dump II



She grimaced as the gnawing pain radiated from her stomach to her extremities, becoming impossible to ignore. None of the vendors had left any food as they packed up for the day. Unfortunately, that meant she would likely go without food for the night. Looking up at the sky, she estimated she had enough time … Continue reading She

Mr. Dump

Mr. Dump sat in his creaky chair behind his unsteady desk, waiting for his class to arrive. The chair screamed with his every movement. He wondered why he even bothered sitting anymore. His chair’s constant groaning combined with his unruly students almost made Mr. Dump regret his career choice. He had tried a multitude of … Continue reading Mr. Dump

Wyrillian III

If you haven’t read Wyrillian II, click here to catch up. (Here for Wyrillian I) The wagon rolled closer as the Panther and Wyrillian’s father prepared for their interaction with the cart. Wyrillian Sr. reached over his horse and grabbed two belts of knives that he slung over his chest in an “X” pattern. He … Continue reading Wyrillian III


Terri picked up the package of bandages and hauled them over to the new carriage. She placed them next to the cot that the infirmary had squeezed into the carriage. Drenched in sweat from hauling the new equipment provided by the Crown, Terri was sore and aching but still managed to wear a smile - … Continue reading TIC


It was a productive meeting if I did say so myself. The boy was hesitant, but he had a strong resolve. It would all depend on whether we could convince him to use that commitment for the greater good. I continued out of the meeting room, down the hallway, excited to see what Elder Grinter … Continue reading Scepter

Wyrillian II

If you haven't read Devastation (Wyrillian I), click here to catch up. A tear escaped his eyelid, landing on his desk. Wyrillian wiped it away with the back of his sleeve and tried to focus back on the teacher. A myriad of thoughts were running through his head - was his father responsible? Was this … Continue reading Wyrillian II