Wyrillian II

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The Eternity Acts

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A tear escaped his eyelid, landing on his desk. Wyrillian wiped it away with the back of his sleeve and tried to focus back on the teacher. A myriad of thoughts were running through his head – was his father responsible? Was this evidence that Wyrillian Sr. was up to more nefarious business on his departures? His thoughts were interrupted when one of the school’s administrators walked into the classroom, pulling the teacher into the hallway.

Wyrillian hoped that he was being picked up from school early but he knew it wasn’t – his parents never allowed him to miss school. Whoever was getting picked up was lucky – they’d get to go home and didn’t have to worry if their father was a kidnapper and/or murderer. However, something was wrong – usually, this exchange between teacher and…

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1.6 – Aftermath

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The Eternity Acts

Previous Chapter: 1.5 – They

When Anroma finished healing Ace, he finally was able to sit up. I limped over wanting to discuss our next course of action.

“This scepter sure takes it out of a man,” Acetate sighed, giving his head a quick shake. “Who is hurt the worst?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, wondering how the scepter had sapped his strength.

“I’ll check down near the front lines,” Ace straightened himself and hurried towards the now-broken barriers.

Anroma spoke for the first time since the healing, “We can check on those around here.”

The three of us coordinated using An’s mind as a hub for communications. The two boys who had been on the front line, Rosen and Druen, were in bad shape. Their condition was grievous enough that An didn’t feel comfortable waiting to heal them. We ran down to them on the battlefield and I watched as…

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1.5 – They

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The Eternity Acts

Previous Chapter: 1.4 – Anroma
I knew Anroma had woken from her nap when I received her mind message, “It’s time” . She stood with her cloak on, waiting with an impatient look while I slowly pulled on my shoes.

“Okay, not all of us can sense the opposition,” I said. Once my shoes were tied, we hurried out of the hut heading toward our designated location. While climbing the four flights of steps, I reminded her to send a message to Ace so we weren’t the only ones who knew the raiders were on their way. She rolled her eyes, “As if I hadn’t already.”

When we reached the top, I glanced out toward the edge of the forest.

“So, where are they?” I asked.

“Oh, they’re not here yet – I was just testing our response time,” she laughed as she walked back into the building from the…

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1.4 – Anroma

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The Eternity Acts

Previous Chapter: 1.3 – Tremble

The note read:

“Please gather the girl and be prepared to hurry back. The council is created, but not in our favor. They will be making a play and it’s likely violence will follow. Upon receipt of this message, I will probably already have left to meet you. Secure her and avoid unnecessary confrontation. I am riding day and night. Be careful.

PS: Watch for the police. The darker the skin, the longer they’ve been out and away from any sort of King’s rule. I’ve heard reports of some losing their link to humanity, forgetting that they are supposed to be doing the King’s justice.


With the note reinvigorating our sense of purpose, we strode into the village that morning, heading straight to the chief, Vaynen.

“I hate to inform you, but she’s not here – she never was,” Vaynen said.

That meant…

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1.3 – Tremble

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The Eternity Acts

1.2 – Acetate

Hyde and I left the next morning. I was feeling refreshed after finally being able to change clothes and start the day having eaten the most delicious breakfast, consisting of foods I didn’t recognize. We had packed as light as we could for such a long journey; I only needed a light coat and a few pairs of riding overalls. On top of my wardrobe, I managed to find two knives to arm myself with from the armory. Hyde had recommended only using one of them – he was probably right, but I wanted to try dual-wielding at least once in my life. It was still fairly warm out when we began our journey as it was still a few months away from the colder season; Hyde had mentioned the path should stay snow-free until we hit North Settlement. I dreaded the colder season, imagining that I’d…

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1.2 – Acetate

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The Eternity Acts

1.1 – Six Years a Slave

I woke up some time later with my hands tied, body propped against a stone wall. I had two guards on either side of me and no way of knowing whether they were the same controllers who had put me down before. I looked down the hallway that I was sitting in; it was a slender passage. Torches lined the walls every few feet. Despite the flames, I couldn’t see where it lead, but, I did notice one door a few feet to my right. I could hear the murmurs of conversation from the room but I couldn’t make out exactly what was being said. I would have assumed they’d take me to a dungeon, or at the very least the pen. But instead, I was put in this strange hallway. I decided I could try to focus in on the conversation, maybe this…

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1.1 – Six Years a Slave

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The Eternity Acts

I was taken from my home roughly six years ago and put to work. Officially, I am F62 of the Trading Union Trash Unit. The “trading” this Union participates in is human trafficking; I am a slave. My birth name was Jochro, although no one within hundreds of miles knows me by that. I work 10 hour days, and they certainly would be longer if the Union controllers didn’t have to worry about us changing at sunset.

Work today had led my unit to the outskirts of Ikalga and, due to the upcoming coronation of the new king, we had been granted permission to return home early. Usually, I would never complain about stopping prematurely, but I was in no rush to be anywhere near the King – old or new. King Rayon had finally settled on a successor. On the way home, I had overheard someone from the sanitation…

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