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The Whisperer Rayon cursed his villagers, summoned a Wall of Fire and created a Burning Sea to mold his kingdom into a place he deemed worth living in.

150 years later and the Whisperer Rayon is gone, but his acts remain. Will the villagers, whose curse changes them by night, be able to overcome the acts of this twisted madman to create a society free from his acts? It may take centuries, but the last Whisperer will certainly try…

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1A. Float – Terri/Jonah
1B. Specific – Clay
1C. Infinite – Rosen
1D. Crow – Sledg
1E. Uneven – Pat
1F. Someday – Sarkard
1G. Capable – Aga Dez
1H. Exquisite – Jaymes
1I. Aesthetic – Gertha
1J. Exposure – Gohama
1K. Devastation – Wyrillian
1L. Panther
1M. Wyrillian II
1N. Scepter
1O. TIC – Terri
1P. Wyrillian III
1Q. Mr. Dump
1R. She
1S. Mr. Dump II