1.20 – Alone

For almost a month, Jochro did not move beyond the six by eight feet of his jail cell. He began to deteriorate, mind and body, in a way that only captivity could provide. The first week, Jochro shivered sitting on the cold tile. His captors provided no clothes, leaving him to rub his hands over … Continue reading 1.20 – Alone


1.19 – Now We’re Getting Somewhere

“Take off your shoes,” I commanded. An gave a sideways glance at me and slowly began to take off her shoes. “Okay…” She sure had a way of making you question a perfectly rational request. I closed my eyes and counted to five. When I opened them, she was still removing her shoes at a … Continue reading 1.19 – Now We’re Getting Somewhere

1.18 – New Legs

On the day of Patterson’s last treatment, I was walking toward the infirmary to meet An when Jaymes scurried right past me, a worried look on her face. I turned to watch her as she hurried toward the castle. I called out after her and she turned, her face lighting up in recognition. Maybe whatever … Continue reading 1.18 – New Legs

1.17 – Christian

Christian walked into the third outpost of the day. The first two had caused a pounding headache to take residence right behind his eyes. As Christian rubbed his temples, he gestured to the new recruit to hand him the checklist for this barracks and soon handed it back after a brief attempt at reading. “What … Continue reading 1.17 – Christian

1.16 – Ramodeus

The next day, the first one of the new year, saw me and Anroma trekking into the cave we spied the smoke figure appear near. The dampness of the cave soaked through my shoes despite Anroma and I having only just entered through the mouth. We passed the first bend in the tunnel and suddenly … Continue reading 1.16 – Ramodeus

1.15 – Scepter II

Hello! We've reached the near end of the first arc of Jochro's journey. This is the first of six epilogue posts before I take you back in for more. 🙂 I will be posting on Saturday's instead of Sunday's now as well. Previous Chapters: 1.14 - Smoke, Scepter I I quickly ran through the streets … Continue reading 1.15 – Scepter II

1.14 – Smoke

Previous Chapter: 1.13 - Windy I stood on the platform, next to Shannon, as Ace addressed the thousands that had come for the impromptu ‘State of the City’ address. “As you all either heard, saw, or experienced, the police of Ikalga have failed you. They have been prejudiced and power-hungry, combining to create an unacceptable … Continue reading 1.14 – Smoke