2.3 – Chapter Three: Drill

“There are seven ways into Ikalga, not counting the three main entrances,” Max said. “The one I prefer to use will only fit two people. You said you’re okay navigating in by yourself, Drill?” The brown haired man nodded. “Okay, then we’ll meet here.” Max pointed to a building on a hand drawn map. The … Continue reading 2.3 – Chapter Three: Drill

2.2 – Chapter Two: Christian

“First Controller Acetate!” Christian turned away from the maps he was viewing. “Yes? What is it?” A young man, no older than 20, had entered through the flap of his tent. He stood in front of him dressed in the black and red of Sarkards army, formerly known as the police of Ikalga. “Sir, there's … Continue reading 2.2 – Chapter Two: Christian

2.1 – Chapter One: Anroma

Twenty-Nine Years Later Anroma ran through the woods, ducking below branches and hopping over occasional boulders. The scouting parties should be around here somewhere. Her eyes darted back and forth as she weaved through the forest. To the untrained eye, she would be a mere blur among the underbrush; a rustling of leaves. Anroma had … Continue reading 2.1 – Chapter One: Anroma

1.21 – An’s Epilogue

She laid on the familiar red couch, having just woken up from a prolonged nap. Ace had dropped a blanket on her and took the stem of grapes from her extended hand. As gentle as he had attempted to be, his touch woke her. Or his thoughts. An could never tell which roused her mind … Continue reading 1.21 – An’s Epilogue

1.20 – Alone

For almost a month, Jochro did not move beyond the six by eight feet of his jail cell. He began to deteriorate, mind and body, in a way that only captivity could provide. The first week, Jochro shivered sitting on the cold tile. His captors provided no clothes, leaving him to rub his hands over … Continue reading 1.20 – Alone

1.19 – Now We’re Getting Somewhere

“Take off your shoes,” I commanded. An gave a sideways glance at me and slowly began to take off her shoes. “Okay…” She sure had a way of making you question a perfectly rational request. I closed my eyes and counted to five. When I opened them, she was still removing her shoes at a … Continue reading 1.19 – Now We’re Getting Somewhere